Nurse and Lawyer have been on vacation! Well, Ok, not really. . . Laywer was taking the bar exam, and Nurse was on vacation.  In the mean time, though, I’ve caught up on some reading. Have you seen this article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review? 

palm trees

I don’t just suggest it because on of the authors (Paul Farmer) is a great inspiration to me, but because it shows great wisdom and promise. . . the authors suggest that health care is in crisis in this country, and that’s a great time to fix it– in part by expanding our concept of what health care means. Perhaps, they suggest, we can take lessons from successful programs in low-resource situations– by, for instance, addressing basic physical and social needs. It’s not a new idea– but it’s not often applied in this genreally rich country. Take a look. Give it a think. 

We’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon!

xo, Nurse

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