Elizabeth is an RN in a cardiac ICU. Amy is a law student. They share an interest in bioethics, regulation, progress, fairness, bicycles, and red wine. They also share almost all of their DNA. They thought their discussions and debates were interesting enough to find an audience on the web, and they hope you agree!

Note: Amy is not a lawyer. She is a law student. She is not qualified to give legal advice, and in no way intends to represent herself as a qualified attorney.

Further note:  This blog is for discussion purposes only. Nothing published here should be construed as legal or medical advice. Consult your healthcare provider or attorney for qualified professional advice.

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  1. I’m glad to be able to get back to reading your blog; I missed it. Having recently experienced the sea change in the way a community hospital treats the end of life, I feel the need to offer kudos and tons of grateful feelings for how much attitudes and practices have changed. No longer do physicians/nurses/medical establishment concern themselves with patients dying addicted to painkillers, and that is very good news. These profound changes are a gift to the dying, those who love them and our entire society (at least those who can access care). I’m curious about the forces and timeline of these changes. They seem to have dramatically changed over the past 20ish years.

  2. Knight Twins…. How’s it going?? Andrew Weber here from many moons ago at MLUC YRUU! Let’s get back in touch!!!! :P

    P.S. Love the blog. I love ethical and moral discussions.

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