On the bedside table:

I recently picked up Mark Pendergrast’s Inside the Outbreaks about the history of the Epidemic Intelligence Service. The what? No kidding! It’s a CDC program founded in 1951 that takes young health professionals (mostly physicians) and sends them to investigate epidemics and outbreaks world-wide. It was named provocatively on purpose to stress the importance of public health as part of security, just like intelligence. . . and the book is chock-full of interesting tidbits about eradication efforts (think smallpox and polio), the ethics of using disadvantaged populations for studies, the government’s role in regulation, bioterrorism. . .  the list goes on! If you’re like me and enjoy geeking  out over medical mysteries, check it out!

Further amazon update

Most (not all) of the rankings have been restored, and some mainstream media coverage is beginning to appear:
NY times has two articles,
here and here. Nothing from the Washington post. LA times has this (a blog, not a full-fledged news story.) St. Petersburg Times has nothing. Philly Inquirer? AZ Daily Star? Nada.

Amazon is still calling it an accident. Which I’ll buy, if accompanied by appropriate apology. Still listening…

Anyone find mainstream coverage elsewhere?

Amazon Update

They seem to be restoring many of the sales rankings — but not all of them. At least not yet.

Even so: if it was, as they claim, some sort of Glitch/ trolling issue, where is their public apology, both to their customers and to the authors and publishers whose books were removed from searches?

A “tehcnical glitch” — and I’m still not sure I buy it — does not remove you from responsibility, nor does claiming it was all done by users.

We’re listening, Amazon! Go ahead! Tell us you’re sorry!