In Nursing News. . .

In nursing news, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services made a lot of changes this week, including expanding the definition of “medical staff,” to allow professionals including advanced-practice nurses to practice to the full extent of their training and scope without arbitrary federal rules about physician oversight– state laws already govern scope of practice.

This is a coup on behalf of patient care, healthcare systems, and nurses! CMS is explicitly recognizing that health care is changing, and moving away from a model which is entirely physician-driven.  We had a pretty long discussion   on the issues surrounding advanced practice nurses a while ago. Is this week’s news indicating that the times, they are a changing’?

Supreme Court Score Card #2

Happy July, everyone. We’re now on our second Supreme Court case from the just-finished term. This is fun!

AT&T v. Hulteen: Gotta love a good maternity leave case.  The question was, do employers have to restore continuity of service (for seniority, benefits, pensions, etc.) to women who took pregnancy/maternity leaves BEFORE the Pregnancy Discrimination Act was passed in 1978? The answer: nope, they don’t have to. Because although we see treating maternity leave as different from other leave to be gender-based discrimination NOW, they didn’t THEN, and the law says the company would’ve needed INTENT to discriminate in order for the leave to be restored. Because apparently, if you didn’t *know* it was wrong when you did it, you shouldn’t have to fix it now.

Lawyer says: Feminism Fail!